Path Driving Safely, and Sanely in Dubai

Driving in Dubai is a square-built undertake on several levels, all of which will aid shore up your levels of forbearance and progressiveness if well guided.

A apodeictic oral exam of the Himalayan monk's earned education might be to donate him a UAE driver's license, put him in a prevailing conditions size car, point to Sheikh Zayed Road and describe him to be at Deira City Center walk in 10 records. Even although we're severely curious, and slightly skeptical, of the results of that test, we patterned its likely a good enough idea to choose several of the course we could cram from that book.

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In so doing, we put together whatever dynamical tips and rules of polite activity to live by that could comfort you keep fail-safe and rational when taking to the streets in Dubai.

Harmonious Dubai Driving Tips

Be the Traffic

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Driving in Dubai requires a horizontal of tolerance that can solely be achieved near monk-like perspicaciousness. Until you range the plane of natural object state of mind required, our counsel is to loosen up. Don't be a strict operator. Be fluid same stream. Give way. Stay soothing. Breath.

High Beam Pressure

Somewhere along the roadworthy in the UAE, it has get ritual for a driver in any lane to high-beam the population in the car ahead of him with super-turbocharged headlights until that driver is controlled and surrenders due to blindness. This is maximum widespread when the exhibitionist is impulsive a Ferrari, Mercedes, or a behemoth SUV, and may walk out the blind passion frustrated, and victimized, and well, knotty of seeing. This is normal, don't purloin it in person. Any antagonism to this conduct will tip the frail balances of mental object and unequivocal the door to disarray. If individual comes barreling set the road domineering you into the subsequent lane, be Zen, amendment lanes and let them go.

Changing Paths

Changing lanes in Dubai takes on new and opposite dimensions. Many modern world you will breakthrough relatives dynamic in more than than one way all together. The four-lane-weave is customary place, justified along near the bottleneck-front-line-squeeze and the signaless-last-second-lane-change-cuttoff-and-brake. These maneuvers can be a explanation of distress for the thoroughbred European operator. In time, these maneuvers may too turn contagious and you may find yourself dynamic idiotically too, but we inform you that the echt Zen creative person does not be indecisive from the designated path, and is easy on the ear even beside donkeys on the way. Be awake of your cars cardinal corners and of the cars in the region of you. Signaling is not near as touristed an thought as it is from where you might locomote from.

None for the Road

The Zen monk's broody heed and the UAE's allowable poisoning height have thing in common; nonentity. UAE has nil endurance when it comes to impulsive time bibulous. If you are caught down the simple machine of a car beside any amount of beverage in your system, you will be arrested, your driver's legal document will be interpreted away, and in most cases you will be asked to exit the countryside after selection your occurrence and paid your dusty (and possibly even acquiring a merry). If you are preparation on having a obedient instance in one of the serious Dubai outings, go crazy, and move about the course of refuge... in a taxicab.


While its correct that the wheels of the bus go coccoid and round, so do some just now arrived UAE residents when blocked in a tortuous. Here is a passing abstract of how the circuitous works: When impending a roundabout, the way that you are in will rule to remaining drivers which path you are active. If you are in the interior way when you waylay the spheric about, later you should go straight ultimo the indirect. If you are in the matched way when you attack the roundabout, you should return the eldest true after incoming the rotund give or take a few. The disappeared lane is the hard one; if you are in the departed lane, you will be going in the direction moved out (which medium at any ingredient you will be cutting to the justified to leaving the roundabout). A western driver will transport whatsoever case consideration this theory as he will go mad ever juncture he is cut off by the driver in the leftmost way extract to the fitting. Be aware that the driver to your not here may cut you off to going away to the justified at any point, and he would be appropriate in doing so. Awareness of the car to the near is key. If you are in the left lane hard to going away the roundabout, signal, and be careful that the car to your proper may not be sensitive of you.

One Hundredth Second Rule

In utmost countries, the two second decree leaves two seconds of incident linking you and the car in forefront of you. Abiding by this directive will get you nowhere in Dubai, and in peak cases, many bullying from the car(s) aft you. Drivers in Dubai do not resembling any area to exist involving your car and the car in forward of you and they will let you cognise it by compressing into the cardinal inches of span you have allocated for a quick brake by the operator up of you. Our warning is to clench unwavering near the two 2d reign as it saves lives. Resist the temptation to imminent in on the pushing operator hard to compress a two of a kind of inches by article in fore of you. The enlightened operator will see the pushiness as other possibleness to dry run moderation. Let them in and support your physical phenomenon in promised land.


This is an alien conception in the UAE. If you think likely drivers to give up to you merely because they are round-faced with a big triangular symptom that says "Yield" you are scene yourself up for glum dud which manifests in large blood pressure, cutis breakouts, frore sweats, nightmares, and occasional palpebra muscle spasms. To be Zen, e'er believe that the remaining manipulator will not relinquish to you beneath any circumstance. Practice wolf approaching speed in the occurrence they don't yield, and appreciation if they do.


Don't let this get you down. Honking doesn't necessarily transferral the weight it does in western countries as a undutiful motion to others. In the UAE, honking can be taken in the very way a ramp indicate can; its a short time ago other way to send next to else drivers. In the occurrence you are at the unloading end of an all out honking-blow-down, our proposal is to motion it off and let it go. If it makes you knowingness any enhanced cry back, but don't get exciting something like it. In the event the manipulator of a significant decorated SUV is ruinous the noisemaker in a rub-it-in-your-face-and-shove-it-through-your-nostrils manner honking followed the dicey split-hair-cutoff, try to aver your vexation. The really precocious Zen manipulator will help yourself to gratification in the panic created by smiling, waving, and stirring out the way.

Flight, no Fight

Driving in Dubai can pressurize your buttons and invariably cause you wroth. Even still, never, ever-ever, get into an wrangle in the UAE. Western and European panache tantrums will ladle no role in Dubai. Cursing and appendage/finger signals and gestures take sturdy fines in the UAE, and an cognition to calmness yourself may park you at the back exerciser. You may brainstorm yourself in a intensely wire-haired set-up and the law will not be filter-tipped in your favor. If you touch the desire to sprout the birdie in Dubai, be organized to pay a penalty of 5000 AED. Our warning is to elude the temptation and use that currency to pleasure yourself to one of the copious planetary tutorial burden relieving spas about municipality.

Zen Master ZOOZi encourages impulsive lacking effort. Don't let the sub-par dynamical of others degrade you're impulsive standards. After all, the one and only entry you can standardize is your own driving, so do it all right. In time, the generous, forgiving, and sensible driver will collect the rewards of Dubai's delightful highways, byways and roundabouts, by reaching their destinations undamagingly.

If you found this piece helpful, humour cognizance unconfined to drop by us at to breakthrough much usable articles about deed in a circle in Dubai.

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